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Eyebrows Micro-Pigmentation 120 minutes

Price: £100



Micro-pigmentation, also known as permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing, is a cosmetic procedure used to improve features of the face and head. Oftentimes it is a service provided to enhance eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and restore hairlines in balding scalps.

The procedure of Micro-pigmentation is similar to tattooing with a few differences; the most important one being that pigments implanted into the skin are unlikely to spread.

Micropigmentation is considered ‘semipermanent’. While the effects may last up to ten years, the treated area will fade over time as the skin naturally regenerates and breaks down the pigments within. Individuals usually require touch ups within 1-3 years.

Our artists are trained to demonstrate skill in a variety of techniques for cosmetic eyebrow tattooing; these techniques are commonly referenced as:

- Hairstoke or Feathering

- PowderOmbré

- Combination

Hairstroke’ is process of delicately infusing pigment into the skin with a tiny ‘nano’ needle to simulate the appearance of realistic hair and causes the least amount of trauma to the skin. It heals soft and looks the most natural.

PowderOmbré’ is the process of embedding a series of fine dots into the skin that vary in concentration to create a textured gradient from the tail to beginning of the eyebrow. The technique is known as ‘pixelisation’. This eyebrow style heals softer but displays fuller appearing eyebrows.

Combination’ eyebrows are the result of combining both hairstoke and powder ombré techniques. Combination brows are characterized by feathered hair strokes from the beginning to the middle of the brow which then transitions into a powdered finish toward the tail.

Please keep in mind that to have eyebrows micro pigmentation, you need to have no health conditions that affects skin or blood. You can not be taking blood thinners or other medications for autoimmune diseases and also not have had permanent make up done previously!