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Lyle // small apprentice tattoo in illustrative/traditional style // Price £100 (£100 deposit) // book from May in Glasgow 510 minutes

Price: £100



The total cost of the tattoo is £100.

Lyle is our apprtenice artist specialising in custom traditional and illustrative style tattoos at our Glasgow studio.

Check out his full portfolio at:

At this stage, you can book a tattoo but only on the leg and arms. It can be up to hand-sized and must not be part of a cover up.

Please keep in mind that this artist is our apprtenice and the session will be monitored by one our full time artist. The session will be done in the same hygenic conditions as any other service in our studio including using the best available materials on the market.

Thanks for booking with our apprtenice to help him to build his portoflio and expand his skills.

How online booking works:

1. Choose the artist and style you want to get booked in with.

2. Select the date which suits you and leave your contact details.

3. Pay the deposit – which is taken off the total cost of the tattoo

4. Our team will get in touch with you ASAP to confirm all the booking details

5. For your session your artist will have a custom, one off composition based on your conversation with our manager.

6. You pay the remaining balance after your tattoo.